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Our Inspection Includes

The Following Items and Much More...

Driveway Chimney Kitchen
Sidewalk Gutters Electrical
Walkway Structure Plumbing
Stoops Foundation Heating
Drainage Basement Cooling
Drywalls Attic Insulation
Grading Walls Appliances
Car Garage Floors Fireplace
Fencing Doors Smoke Alarms
Decks Windows Termite
Roofing Bathrooms Asbestos
EMF Reading Moisture Detection Swimming Pool

Our Reports Include

  • In depth on-site full verbal report, consultation and recommendation.
  • Customized 30+ page typewritten report (much more in-depth than the 'on-site' check list style report).
  • Comprehensive description, evaluation, and condition of all major components systems and remaining life expectancies.
  • Easy to read report format, broken down by subjects and components.
  • Numerous specific suggestions and recommendations.
  • Rapid turnaround - written report is emailed within 24 hours of inspection.
  • FHA termite certificate by licensed exterminator
  • Over 100 photos each inspection

Other Optional Services

  • Lead in paint test
  • Radon screening
  • Soil test
  • Water test & analysis
  • Asbestos testing
  • Environmental package
  • Mold tests and analysis
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